Designing for the Bottom of the Pyramid

Par Nicolas Minvielle lundi 13 Février 2012.

I am happy to announce that I am launching with Judy Frels and José Maillet a blog on the Bottom of Pyramid’s strategies.

My input here will obviously be on how design methods are impacted when dealing with these countries. The exercise has already been done with marketing in a great piece written by Sheth N.J (1), who came up with reflexions that quite challenge the way we see marketing

The mere simple fact that the marketing strategy shifts from market orientation to market creation when dealing with BoP countries is in itself fairly challenging. What would that mean if you apply it to design? Is user oriented design and analysis enough or do we need other tools?

Ethnocentrism and preconceptions seem to be here the major problem, and this is why we started the ‘s blog with a first post on Why bop? Jose gives here many counterintuitive insights on these countries that highlight their complexity, but also their great potential.

I sincerely hope that this work will help clear the way for better products and better strategies in design for the Bop.

(1) Sheth N.J, Impact of Emerging Markets on Marketing, Journal of Marketing, 2011, pp166-182

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